The Uintah City Fire Department conducts inspections of the City’s commercial occupancies (businesses, schools, institutions, apartment buildings, etc.) to ensure that conditions at those properties are in compliance with the UIntah, State and International Fire Code.

Your annual Fire Safety Inspection, which is required by law, is also one of the lowest-cost resources available to protect your property and the health and lives of your employees and those who visit your business or occupy your premises. There is no fee for this inspection.
In part thanks to this inspection program, the City of Uintah enjoys an extremely low fire loss rating for a city of its size, with the additional benefit of lower overall property insurance rates compared to other cities.

Installation and new construction inspections by Fire Prevention personnel ensure compliance with adopted codes and standards and help eliminate problems before the building is occupied, before a new process or hazard is introduced, or before a new life safety system is placed in service. These inspections also benefit the fire service by helping them to become familiar with the building before it is occupied and with the life safety systems that have been installed. A successful Building Occupancy Inspection generally results in a Certificate of Occupancy.

Besides conducting annual fire safety inspections in all day care homes and day care centers, the Fire Department has prepared a set of guidelines outlining safety features you should look for when evaluating potential day care centers for your child. 

In addition to receiving an annual Fire Safety Inspection, many businesses and commercial occupancies in UIntah receive an annual Emergency Pre-Plan Inspection, in which crews from the local fire station visit the facility to conduct pre-emergency planning to ensure that their response is as efficient and effective as possible in the event of an emergency. Pre-emergency planning for certain target occupancies is a requirement of the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that sets the fire insurance rates for all the properties within the City of Uintah.
This inspection is handled at a different time than your Fire Safety Inspection and this service is provided at no charge (although, if violations are noted, your property may be referred for a Fire Safety Inspection, for which there is a fee).
Because the fire crews must balance their emergency response duties with their inspection duties, they cannot schedule Emergency Pre-Plan Inspections far in advance. However, if your property does require such an inspection, the crew will call you first to schedule a time that is convenient.