This program satisfies the Fire Safety Merit Badge requirements listed in the Boy Scouts of America Handbook. 

Fire Safety Merit Badge training is conducted by City Fire personnel and is available to Boy Scouts ages 11-17. Please note that the level of the course material for this program is most appropriate for Boy Scouts ages 11-15. 

The Uintah City Fire Department offers the Fire Safety Merit Badge training twice a year, in March and again in October with. If you are a scout please contact your troop directly. If you are in troop leadership please email the department at to learn more about or enroll in the fire safety merit badge course. 

At the end of this course, Boy Scouts will have a basic understanding of the following:

  • Fire behavior
  • Fire prevention skills
  • Home fire safety survival
  • Reporting emergencies
  • Burn injuries and their causes
  • Wildland and camping safety
  • The fire service
During this course, Boy Scouts will demonstrate a working knowledge of various skills including:

  • Home safety inspection
  • Home fire escape plan
  • Testing and maintaining smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Lighting matches safely
  • Learning the PASS method to use a fire extinguisher
  • Extinguish a grease pan fire
  • Stop, Drop and Roll technique for extinguishing clothing fires
  • Operating a camp stove and lantern


Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts working on their legacy First Aid badge can schedule a fire station tour, interviews and classes to satisfy the First Aid badge requirements for each level. 

To schedule a station tour, please contact the department at

Brownie First Aid 
  • Find out how to get help from 9-1-1
  • Talk to someone who treats injured people
  • Make a first aid kit
  • Learn how to treat minor injuries
  • Know how to prevent and treat outdoor injuries
Junior First Aid 
  • Learn the first steps to take in an emergency
  • Talk to first responders
  • Make a portable first aid kit
  • Find out how to handle urgent first aid issues
  • Know how to take care of someone who is sick
Cadette First Aid 
  • Understand how to care for younger children
  • Know how to use everything in a first aid kit
  • Find out how to prevent serious outdoor injuries
  • Know the signs of shock and how to treat it
  • Learn to prevent and treat injuries due to weather
Senior First Aid 
  • Find out how to perform triage
  • Know how to help a head or neck injury
  • Learn how to use everyday objects to make splints
  • Recognize the signs of alcohol and drug overdose
  • Share your knowledge with others
Ambassador First Aid 
  • Learn how to handle wilderness medical emergencies
  • Research careers that save lives in extreme conditions
  • Find out how to care for a critically injured person
  • Know how to move an injured person
  • Explore handling real-life wilderness emergencies