For the Fire Service and the Public Alike

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About Our Training

We are pleased to provide numerous types of EMS education for other Fire Service Professionals, Surrounding Departments, and public students alike. Our training offerings include Emergency Medical Responder (First Responder), Emergecy Medical Technicain (Basic), Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, CPR/First Aid, Basic Arrhythmia and several other refresher/continuing medical education uints. Our curriculum was established by experienced registered nurses and paramedics who have over 50 combined years of experience working and teaching in the emergency medical field.

If you are a student wanting to start a career in the medical field or a healthcare professional in need of recertification in various courses then you need to give serious consideration to accomplish those goals NOW.  Why wait for overpriced, overcrowded college classes that can’t provide enough courses due to funding issues?  Our pricing is competitive in that they include all books, equipment and uniforms needed by the students.  We are at a lower cost than other private courses and many community colleges because of our non-profit charter and low overhead.  Our courses are more readily available and offered throughout the year with evening and weekend classes available to you can keep your current job while training to be a EMT.

Convenient Comprehensive Class Scheduling

Our classes are scheduled at an aggressive pace so that the students can avoid being drawn into long class durations where their first class and information presented was months beforehand. This helps them to retain information and skills learned early on in the class easier, and allows us to provide the training in a way that is most effective for the busy lives our students lead. We offer start times that often work around the typical Monday to Friday 9-5 job and allow access to our training for those with busy lifestyles. 

Affordable training programs

We recognize that access to life saving training needs to be accessible. Since we are a municipal fire department we understand the needs of the pre-hospital field setting and are not a money making venture. It is these reasons that we do everything in our power to keep costs to our students at the most affordable prices possible. Completing training at our department will get you the exact same certifications as if you would take these courses at a Community College, private school, or University... with a fundamental difference being you would be completing this training at an actual working fire department with access to real world field experience in every class, and at a significantly lower price.

Hands On Practical Experience

Besides access to our department personnel for field training and clinical experience, our department arranges externships for our students with local fire departments (ambulance) and emergency rooms that provide the experience and exposure they need to acquire the jobs they want. While the foundation of your education has to be taken care of in the classroom there is no substitute for hands on field instruction.

Expert Field Experienced Instructors

Our staff members are all highly qualified and possess years of experience in the pre-hospital healthcare field. All of our instructors are licensed in the state of Utah and all have actual hands on field experience with Fire Departments, Ambulance Companies, and Emergency Rooms. All of our primary instructors also possess formal teaching credentials and continue to strive for excellence. Our goal is to facilitate your learning experience to assist you toward achieving your goals.